Making up for lack of play time. Pimping Houses =)

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Making up for lack of play time. Pimping Houses =)

Post  Junk_Hoader on Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:50 am

Hello guys, As most of you's are aware I Haven't been Online Much at all! Because of problems with my laptops. So I had an Idea! Maybe I could improve peoples houses with there permission. ( Pimp your house ) Wink I started doing it today. It went well So I'm going through with it soo to get your house "Pimped" please Post a Sign on the wall outside of Supercenter Warp Saying You're name And house coordination ( X Y Z ) Please It'd Help so much! But.. Please Don't try Rush me to do them, I'll 100% do them when I can get the time.

Also.. You are not allowed to request that you get added to you're house.
Like Items Sutch as Diamond blocks, Iron blocks, Gold blocks Ect..
Also No Pimping if its a house in a middle of someone elses town, incase they complain.
thank you ! Please Post fast!


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