Rules - Learning the rules of Factions in WalshCraft

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Rules - Learning the rules of Factions in WalshCraft

Post  JohnTheMiner on Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:48 am

These rules can be viewed in the server by typing "/rules 4", but it might be easier for you to read them here :

---RULES of WALSHCRAFT (Factions)---

1. Anyone can create a Faction
2. Griefing is not tolerable, even in a Faction war
3. You may trespass on enemy Faction Land
4. You may invade towns and Siege them
5. You may steal enemy items via : PvP or Unlocked Chests
6. Bad language is permitted, but try to remain calm while in war
7. Teaming up with other Factions against one Faction is allowed
8. No offensive Faction names
9. You may not use cheats/spawned items while fighting against other Factions
10. Players with spawning abilities can spawn iron armour and tools for their Faction and Faction allies
11. Type /f help for Faction commands
12. Factions may attempt to get you into their Faction by : Sieging , Stealing, Killing etc.
13. The strongest Factions may get their own Forum section to discuss Faction matters
14. If a Faction is constantly breaking rules it will be disbanded

If you are concerned that you may be breaking a rule, or if you are not sure that what your doing or what your going to do is right or wrong, post a message here or ask a member of staff in game.


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