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i kinda tired of factions allready :(

Post  slimey on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:03 am

as the title sais im allready tired of factions. im not looking for john or any admins or anything to change something or turn it off. the problem in my eyes is the players ''ragin'' over everything at ALL. i newly got to a stew base where a trapdoor were left open and everyone maded at me for flying inside!

please just play to have fun and not to dominate...

-got no idea why i put this here just did lol
-slimeh alien

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Post  Onon on Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:23 am

I'm completely sick of the chat getting spammed with 'OMG HE GRIEFED', 'HE KILLED US IN OUR BASE', etc.

Let me get some things straight:

Every faction can have their MAIN BASE. This has to be claimed using 'f claim'. ENEMIES of this faction can raid the base, but BE REASONABLE. When noone of this faction is online, it would be a shame to raid it since there is no defense.

Griefing, in any case, is NOT allowed. Not a single block.

Changing Allyship in the mid of a battle is NOT ALLOWED. This is unfair for those who are not prepared. (I'm looking at you, Spec!)

When you do not want to participate in the raids, which means that you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RAID OTHER PEOPLE, KILL PEOPLE FROM OTHER FACTIONS OR GET KILLED IN YOUR OWN ZONE: Ask an admin or mod to put your faction into peaceful mode.

Every faction can claim other land, for example, they build a castle and claim it. This is now property of that faction and CAN GET RAIDED by other factions. All chests in this area, which got claimed by the enemy, are now property of those who hold the land. BE SURE NOT TO PUT VALUABLE STUFF IN THEM !

I hope we got this straight and we can continue playing FAIR.
Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


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