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Moderator Application

Post  IILEWIS11 on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:41 pm

Hey dude!
I wanna apply for Mod because I enjoy the server and wanna help people out on it and advertise it, so we can have a really awesome server Smile! I am Moderator on several other servers that have closed down now, so I have experiance! If this is Rinch you will know I have a server of my own, and am good at helping at the few people that join it (It's not done yet Razz)! I wanna be able to help people on your awesome server! I don't mind about making my own stuff, I am happy to put other people first (How Gay That Sound's :/) I don't really 'ave much else to say,
Hope I can help! (IGN IILEWIS11)

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