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Moderator Application

Post  thelongz123 on Thu May 03, 2012 12:34 pm


I would like to be moderator!


Because I see things all the time that could be fixed so easily yet they remain in shambles. For example, all that griefing??? No fear! WorldEdit's got your back! Secondly, the server should be introduced to new players, not the other way around! Quite an easy fix if you ask me. Thirdly, I'm tired of all the feuding and what not that goes on. Same crap happened back in Walsh. And lastly, I want to help out the current mods and admins, to lessen their workload. Unhappy admins make for unhappy players, and thats a fact!

On another tangent, I keep and run my own server, so I know my way around craftbukkit. Also, with just a few tweaks, your server could be virtually ungriefable Smile You would be suprised how easy the process is, actually! lol. Simple as pie.
I have many contacts that are developers, GM's on other games, Java Programmers, and other server owners (Skype is a great tool *hint hint* Wink). So, how about it? I await your reply (If I'm unbanned that is, but I'm sure we can move past that slight misunderstanding)

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