Heathestus's story No. 1

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Heathestus's story No. 1

Post  heathestus on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:04 pm

A land of green hill's, waving grass, tall tree's and heards of cow's.
A place where the player's imagination comes alive, along with there friends to help.
A land of helping, of sharing, of friendship. This, is walshcraft.
If you go there now, thing's will be different, for this is what it used to be, before... Them.
You see, it was a peacefull day in this realm of minecraftia, player's were starting to make a town.
This town was built at an early state of the world.
It started as a fort, then attracted many friendly faces.
They made a community together, sharing and looking out for each other.
We made a wall to keep monsters out, and had plenty of food. It is a shame this had to happen... For a single
bandit raised an army and besieged the town.
The town malitia stood atop the wall, prepaired to die for there beloved home.
They were all given bow's and arrow's, along with swords of rock.
The leader of these men sat atop a tower, taunting the enemies.
He had given all his armor and weapon's away, and was yelling towards the enemy army he could take all of them on without any aid.
The enemy army charged the wall, bringing up there ladder's and seige tower's.
Many men and women died that day, and by the time this story end's you will see why it was in vain.
The enemies had taken the wall, and those who remained retreated to the inner fort, a small home by the look of it.
They were losing the fight, and just as the first sun came over the hill's, a minor-god came to aid us.
He sent word to all the major-god's and minor-god's of the remained called them to the castle.
We drove back the invader's with there help, and now we owe them our existance. Those who had not come, however, were furious we didnt worship them.
They cursed the survivor's of the attack to forever make enemies, and be seiged by them.
The survivor's left the fort, and made a long lost city, the birthplace of the nine dwarves. Only two remain to this day.
After they made the city, they were called upon to aid the recapture of the town they had fought over for many day's.
They accepted this call to war. Together, with the aid of King spazzy and his men, they retook the town.
The dwarven leader Took down the town and made a monastary, long lost to all men, for he abandoned it.
The monastary/town had many curses upon it, and was an unholy place.
The god's could not aid him in another seige, and he was but 1 of 9 dwarves.
7 of the dwarves refused to abandoned there beloved monastary and all died of a madening fear that looms over that land.
The two who left, however, are currently making a fort of stone in a far away mountain.
The souls of the town's men who died haunt them, because they abandoned the town.

This story is a dramatization of the siege of the monastery, where the admins aided the player's to defend it.



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